Your uniqueness - covered.

KoverNow is a Singapore based digital insurance technology platform covering all your insurance needs in a single place. 

Addressing the ongoing behavioural changes we offer – within our app – individualized, flexible and fully transparent risk management and services adapting to your life and circumstances.


Our offerings will be pre-tailored to your specific needs. You always keep full flexibility on which of the policy modules you require, the items you choose to protect and the scope of coverage.

It doesn’t matter if you are the owner or just the user of an item, if it’s new or used.


Life is change and unfortunately sometimes coupled with risk. That’s why we don’t provide rigid contracts, but flexible modules and terms.

You start or stop your insurance whenever you want and wherever you are – by just switching the registered items or policies on or off within your KoverNow app.


KoverNow is fast. Everything can be managed within the app with only a few clicks, even when it comes to submitting a claim. You enter your completed claim within the app and because of our digital claims processing it normally won’t take longer than 24 hours to receive your settlement through your preferred payment method.


We are always on, not only within the app. If you need help or need advice our experts are available for you. Push messages will keep you up to date with newest developments, products and more. To help you better understand and plan your risk envelope we also provide a blog on the insurance sector.

Continuous development

One of our goals is that to make dealing with insurance easy, fast, transparent, interesting but most of all relevant to your actual needs.

That is why we are continuously working on new features, products and services syncing with your lifestyle.

Technology & Security

KoverNow´s app and platform are based on the newest technologies to guarantee the convenience and experience you expect.

Our high security standards make sure that your data are safe and you are always in full control of the information you share with us.

Full transparency

Our KoverNow technology will allow you to manage all your insurance needs in one place, allowing you full control. Whenever you are adding an item or a service to your KoverNow app a quote will be instantly calculated and you decide if you want to insure it. Our premiums are based on current values, resulting in individualized offers that are automatically adjusting with changes in the underlying values or  circumstances.


Insurance on the go. For the new generation.

Partner & Ecosystem

We are building an ecosystem across banks, credit card issuers, retail, travel operators and many more that already play a role in your life. These co-operations allow us to be relevant to you and broaden our product and services by features you would not normally expect from your insurance partner.

Did we manage to pique your interest? Any questions we can answer? Or why don’t you check out the app yourself in a demo?

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